YouTube Updates Channel Permissions Controls, Making it Easier to Assign In-App Help

This could help to optimize the management of your YouTube channel. Today, YouTube has announced that it’s expanding its ‘Channel Permissions’ element, which will now enable YouTube channel owners to approve selected users to manage their channel within the main YouTube app, in addition to current access via YouTube Studio.

YouTube has enabled creators to allocate management roles for their channels for some time, but up till now, this has only been available via YouTube Studio. Now, users within the main YouTube app, on desktop and mobile, will also be able to post on an approved owner’s behalf.

As explained by YouTube:

Today, we’re happy to announce that managers, editors, and editors with limited roles, can manage a channel on behalf of a channel owner directly on YouTube, on mobile and desktop, in addition to YouTube Studio. This unlocks key new features, such as creating a Short, adding a post, managing playlists, and commenting on any YouTube video as the owner.”

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Published: 2023-07-20 19:35:57 ,

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