(Image: Dippy22)

Postponing Super Nintendo World’s grand opening in Universal Studios Japan was a difficult but necessary move, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. That means fans from all over the world will have to wait that much longer to visit. Luckily, one talented Minecraft creator is working on a way for eager gamers to see the sights virtually.

Soon, you’ll be able to visit the whole of Super Nintendo World from within Minecraft, thanks to Dippy22, who’s been hard at work recreating the park in the sandbox game, PCGamesN reports.

Dippy22’s recreation is based on the Japanese version of the park. We’ve seen quite a few video tours and flyovers so far, so there’s plenty to work with in terms of what the park will feature. Right now, Dippy22’s Minecraft version is about 5% complete, but many of the major set pieces are up and running, including the 1UP Factory and Kinopio’s Cafe (Toad’s Cafe). Anything not yet revealed to the public will have to be left to the imagination for now.

If you’re interested in assisting Dippy with their building efforts, join the creator’s community Discord to volunteer. Seeing the entire park come to fruition will no doubt be a joy for Nintendo fans saddened by their inability to travel right now.

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