X Significantly Reduces the Requirements of its Creator Ad Revenue Share Program

I’m still having trouble with the math, and how X is going to make this all work. But today, Elon and Co. have announced a significant update to their creator ads revenue share plan, with the requirements for entry to the program now being reduced to enable more creators to earn money from their posts in the app.

As you can see in this updated welcome screen (shared by X News Daily), the qualifications for X’s ad revenue share program are now:

  • Be subscribed to X Premium or Verification for Organizations
  • Have at least 5 million post impressions over the past three months (down from 15 million at program launch)
  • Have 500 followers in the app

The total impressions element is the biggest barrier to entry, with very few users actually reaching the original 15 million requirements.

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Published: 2023-08-11 01:22:23 ,

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