What to Post On LinkedIn: 12 Ideas + Free Post Generator

Wondering what to post on LinkedIn? The platform is a gold mine for connecting with potential employers, customers, and colleagues in your field. A well-crafted LinkedIn post can help you differentiate yourself or your brand and build relationships that drive career success.

Still, coming up with LinkedIn post ideas can be awkward, not to mention a total time suck. If you’re stuck, check out these post examples to spark your inspiration and build an engaging LinkedIn content strategy in no time.

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What to post on Linkedin: 12 ideas

LinkedIn is a place where content matters. You don’t want to be “that person” who keeps posting sales pitches or self-promotional content on their feed–so what should you post?

Here are some great ideas for content that will keep your readers engaged.

1. Make posts rich and interactive

Like any feed-based platform, LinkedIn users are constantly wading through content, scrolling through vast troves of “I got a promotion” and “Here’s why I’m awesome” plain text posts. If want to make sure your content stands out, you need to encourage reader interaction.

LinkedIn offers a variety of types of content that can help you do this. You can…

  • Post a poll
  • Share images and video
  • Upload an interactive PDF
  • Celebrate an occasion
  • Create an event
  • Share hiring opportunities

… all within your LinkedIn post.

Dynamic, rich, content-focused posts stand out on the feed. Not to mention, they give your users something to do beyond just reading and scrolling.


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