Ever have to argue with an attendant over your age? Now young cinema-goers in the UK don’t need to do that, according to NFCW. Those needing to verify their age to purchase tickets for age-restricted movies can now use a digital ID card stored on their iPhone.

It’s important to note that this feature is not within Apple’s Wallet app, but rather uses its own separate app.

Participating cinemas owned by members of the UK Cinema Association will utilize this service. Customers age 13 and up can now easily prove their age for restricted films without needing to show a physical ID.

For those interested, you can create a digital ID through either the Yoti or Post Office EasyID apps. It’ll require you to upload a government-approved ID document like a passport or driving license and then add a selfie. The card will have a QR code for the attendant to scan to check its validity.

At the theater, users can opt to show an “age card” on their iPhone, only showing their photo and proof that they meet the age requirement. Your iPhone will then act as your digital ID to verify your age for certain films.

There is a hologram on the digital ID card that moves when the phone is tilted — for anti-spoofing purposes, Yoti explains. For further confidence, the cinema staff can scan the QR code on the card with a freely available web app to prove it’s valid.

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