Twitter Tests Reformed ‘Articles’ Section to Facilitate More Long-Form Content

Twitter 2.0 looks set to continue its trend of re-animating previously in-development Twitter features and framing them as new opportunities, with its recently retired long-form content option ‘Notes’ set to take flight once again, under a new name.

As you can see in this example, shared by journalist Fausto Chou, the current Notes section has been renamed ‘Articles’ in the app, as Twitter looks to reinvent the long-form content option, as a means to facilitate a broader range of content posting opportunities in the app.

Which is actually the name that Twitter originally had for Notes, when it was in early development.

Twitter Articles

That was back in February last year, ahead of the eventual launch of Notes in June, which was then shelved a few months later, as part of the Musk takeover of the app.

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