Twitter Experiments with the Capacity to Search Your Following List

Twitter continues to develop its search options, as part of its broader updates to the app’s UI, with a new experiment that would enable users to search within their followers list for key terms.

As you can see in this example, shared by Twitter designer Andrea Conway, Twitter’s working on a new search option within the ‘Followers’ tab, which would make it easier to find out who’s following you – and potentially, who’s following other users as well, if made available on all profiles.

That could be handy for researching the flow of information across profiles, or for finding people that follow you who have, for example, certain words listed in their bio, or potentially, by location, profile category, etc.

We don’t know exactly how it would work at this stage, but Conway has been pushing to build Follower search for some time, which, in other examples, has also included search filters like most/least followed, most/least interacted with, and more.

Search has been a key focus for improvement under the Twitter owner, and now CTO, Elon Musk, who shared various criticisms of Twitter’s search capacity when he first took over at the company.

Since then, Twitter’s updated its Search results to provide more contextually relevant matches and trending topics, while it’s also experimenting with various other search options, including search in Lists, Bookmarks, tweets that you’ve Liked, and more.

Twitter Like Search

All of these have varying levels of functional value, and for social media marketers, they could all provide new pathways to maximize engagement and ensure that you’re interacting with relevant profiles in the app.

The option is still in early testing, but we could get more insight soon.

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