TikTok Launches New Ads ‘Starter Guide’ to Help Guide Your Campaign Approach

Not sure where to start with TikTok ads?

This could help. TikTok has launched a new ‘Starter Guide’ for TikTok ads, which takes you through a range of questions about your business, in order to then provide more customized direction as to where you should begin with your campaign planning.

The new mini-site, which you can access here, will prompt you with a series of questions about your business, in order to assess how to best direct your ad approach.

Answer the five related questions (or less if you’re a creator or agency, as the app will redirect you straight away to another resource), then you’ll get this cool cat that points you to your guided resources.

TikTok Starter Guide

You then get your tailored TikTok marketing plan, which you can click through to get more specific insight into each element.

TikTok Starter Guide

You tick off the boxes, set up your campaign approach, and you’re on your way, based on TikTok’s guided system. And once you’re done, TikTok shares even more resources and tips to help further refine your TikTok ads approach.

TikTok Starter Guide

There’s a heap of helpful notes here, which could be worth digging into, beyond the main guide notes of the app. And even if you’re already running TikTok campaigns, it could be worth taking a look at the guide notes, as a way to ensure that you’re ticking off on all the key elements and considerations, and maximizing your TikTok ad performance.

It’s a handy resource either way. You can check it out for yourself here.

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