TikTok Announces New Partnership with Disney, Which Includes a Range of In-App Activations

TikTok has announced a new partnership with Disney to celebrate 100 years of the iconic entertainment brand, which will provide a range of new opportunities for Disney fans to engage within the app.

As outlined in the above clip, as part of the limited-time activation, Disney fans will have the opportunity to watch video clips from across Disney’s brands, create their own videos with Disney music and effects, play daily Disney trivia, collect and trade digital character cards in the app, and more.

As per TikTok:

Beginning on October 16th, in honor of The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, we’re giving the passionate community of Disney enthusiasts on our platform a first-of-its-kind destination within TikTok that invites Disney fans to a unique interactive experience where stories, magic, and memories come together.”

TikTok says that it hosts more than 48 Disney-affiliated channels, which will all be participating in the 4-week activation.

“Whether they celebrate legacy films, heroes from the #marvel universe (277B views) or newer classics like #encanto (31.8B views), Disney fans come to TikTok to connect and create entertaining, insightful videos that make the shared Disney experience on TikTok special. The creativity of Disney’s brands is beloved by more than 150 million followers of Disney-operated TikTok accounts, who tune in for the action on can’t-miss moments on @espn, on-the-ground excitement from @disneyparks or educational content from @natgeo.”

Yeah, if you didn’t realize, Disney’s a lot more than just Mickey Mouse and friends these days, which gives the company a heap of content and properties to showcase during the event.

Which could be hugely beneficial for connecting with younger fans, and linking the next generation to Disney’s expanded IP. Which it probably doesn’t need a heap of help with, given the ubiquity of its characters, but even so, the new program will help to enhance Disney’s fan connection, and cement its roots within the TikTok app.

It’s also hoping to spark some viral music trends:

“In addition, TikTok is curating a special Disney100 Playlist for our community featuring some of the most popular hits from the Disney catalog, including songs from classic movies like “Cinderella” and “The Lion King” as well as the upcoming “Wish,” alongside hits from the likes of “Toy Story” and “High School Musical.”

If that leads to a resurgence in Disney-related UGC, that’s a big bonus, which will provide a broader brand awareness platform for Disney’s future releases.

It’s a clever partnership, which will help both brands generate more engaging, resonant user experiences.

And it could also offer opportunity for brands to tap into the same, with themed promotions (within the bounds of IP usage).

The new Disney/TikTok partnership comes into effect next week.


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