Three UK has been voted as the fastest 5G network in the UK for the third consecutive year by net benchmark company Ookla. It seems this achievement has not gone unnoticed, as the mobile provider has just reported a 6% growth in contract subscribers, and is outperforming the rest of the market in half-year results. Specifically, the company reports that it has added almost as many new subscribers in H1 2022 as its competitors combined.

This is a result of Three investing heavily in building and growing its 5G network, as well as its efforts in B2B (Business-to-Business) offers. Currently, the company has 5G coverage over 56% of the UK’s population, and it seems people are happy with the carrier’s speeds as well.
Aside from businesses, Three also believes it has the best value propositions for individual customers with Three phone deals and plan discounts popping up regularly to sweeten the pot.
Obviously, Three is happy with the results and is seeing the benefits of investing heavily into 5G expansion. Its home broadband subscriptions have also tripled since 2021, with entire households enjoying 5G speeds over the mobile network.

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