Some iPhone 15 Pro Max units are suffering from a serious screen defect

According to the self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, “Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max is reportedly experiencing screen burn-in issues, adding to a growing list of problems for the company this year.” Screen burn-in occurs when an image is left on the screen too long and remains on the screen no matter what you’re doing with the device. This is a problem that can happen with an OLED display. Even if the iPhone 15 Pro Max is turned off, the image burnt-in can stare back at you in all of its ghostly glory.
The iPhone owners whose iPhone 15 Pro Max units are suffering from burn-in posted about the problem on Reddit. One image in particular really stood out as it showed a ghostly image of the virtual QWERTY keyboard including the letter on each key! The Redditor whose iPhone has the keyboard burn-in was pretty stoic as he wrote, “I have the same issue. Apple will replace it. Seems relatively uncommon, I’ve seen about 5 reports total. But definitely is a real issue with the 15 Pro Max that the previous generations haven’t had.”

Burn-in often starts as image retention. This is a ghost image showing a previous screen that will go away over time. So if you have image retention on your iPhone, turn off the device before it turns into a case of permanent burn-in. Some apps that are static for a long period of time, or with screen elements that don’t change, like Google Maps for example, are prime candidates to contribute to screen burn-in.

Even so, it does take a long time for screen burn-in to take place which means that the iPhone 15 Pro Max screens exhibiting this issue might be suffering from a manufacturing defect. Either way, Apple should replace the phone since this is a hardware issue and a software update is not going to help. There is a one-year warranty on new iPhone 15 Pro Max units so if your phone has burn-in, you can visit the Genius Bar at your nearby Apple Store. You can also call the nearest Apple Store and explain the problem.

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