Snapchat’s latest new feature is trying to make users socialize more within the social app. Shared Stories is a new way for Snapchat users to involve friends in the creation of Stories. The new feature is the evolution of Custom Stories, which previously allowed users to make a Story and add friends to view and contribute.With the new Shared Stories feature, Snapchat users who have been added to a group can add their friends too. Designed with privacy in mind, Snaps sent to a Shared Story delete after 24 hours. Also, these Shared Stories do not have any chat component, so conversations will remain private between friends.

Additionally, Snap revealed that content will be carefully moderated using a mix of automatic language detection and new community review tools. More importantly, Snapchat users will be notified once they join a Shared Story with someone they’ve blocked, allowing them to leave the Shared Story if they want too.

The new Shared Stories feature is now rolling out to Snapchat users across the world on all supported platforms, but it might take a few days to reach everyone.

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Published: 2022-05-31 02:10:15 ,

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