Snapchat Rises to 397 Million Users, Sees More Active Advertisers in Q2

Snapchat has published its Q2 23 performance report, which shows an increase in overall users, especially in developing markets, as well as signs of recovery for Snap’s ad business, which now has more ad partners than ever, who are seeing improved optimization performance?

First off, on users, Snapchat added 14 million more daily active users (DAU) in Q2, taking it to 397 million DAU overall.

The majority of that growth is still coming from the ‘Rest of the World’ category, with Snap only adding a million more users in both North America and the EU respectively. Snap added 12 million more users outside of its main markets, with the app continuing to see solid take-up in India, where mobile adoption and improving connectivity have opened up new opportunities for the app to reach this audience

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Published: 2023-07-25 21:08:20 ,

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