September 2023 Google Webmaster Report


It is time for the big Google Webmaster Report, the September edition. This past month, we finally had a confirmed update, the August 2023 core update that was announced on the 22nd but began being felt on the 25th. We also had a couple of unconfirmed Google updates.

Google Search Generative Experience officially rolled out links, including definition link overlays. Google expanded SGE to Japan and India and announced some additional details on SGE. SGE while browsing was released, Google added Google Cards to SGE and surveyed searchers on SGE versus traditional search.

Google Search Console is testing a News Showcase filter and reporting. Google Search Console also fixed the link report. Sadly, Google is showing FAQ and HowTo rich results less often.

Google said CNET’s efforts to prune content were reasonable. Google said human oversight for AI-generated content is important. Googlebot now can index CSV files but don’t include your undetectable links in those files, or email them directly to Google.

Google seemed to have removed tons of reviews from local listing. Google launched an auto-expand local map pack in search. Now you can add social media links to your Google Business Profiles and let people know if dogs are allowed. Finally, everyone is asking about the new mentioned in snippet feature.

If you missed last month’s recap see it over here and here are the top headlines for the past month:

Google Algorithms:

    • Google August 2023 Broad Core Update Is Live – What We Are Seeing Now


    • Google August 2023 Core Update Hit Hard Around August 25th For Some Sites


    • Google August 2023 Core Update Volatility Continues Over Past Few Days


    • Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – August 18-19 (Unconfirmed)


    • Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – August 3-4 (Unconfirmed)


    • Google: Core Updates Do Not Impact Autocomplete Search Predictions


Google Search Generative Experience:

    • Official: Google Search Generative Experience Gets Links


    • Google Search Generative Experience Now Has Definition Overlay Links


    • Google Shares Early Feedback On SGE, Expands To Japan & India


    • Google SGE While Browsing – Search Generative Experience On The Browser


    • Google Search Generative Experience From Google Cards


    • Google SGE Drops Links In AI-Generated Answers…


    • Google SGE Drops Local Results (5 Local Pack)


    • Google Search Generative Experience Local Results Gain More Link Cards


    • Google Surveying Searchers If SGE Is More Helpful Than Traditional Search


  • Google SGE Drops Local Results (5 Local Pack)

Google Search Console:

    • Screenshots Of Google Search Console News Showcase Filters & Reports


    • More Links Now Displaying In Google Search Console’s Links Report


  • Google Fixed The Search Console Canonical URL Reporting Bug

Google SEO:

    • Google Search To Show FAQ & HowTo Rich Results Less Often


    • Google: CNET’s Content Pruning Plans Reasonable But SEO Impact Would Be Unnoticeable


    • Google: Human Oversight For AI Generated Content Is Important


    • Google: Maybe Don’t Let Google Search Index Your AI Chatbot Output


    • Google: Content Quality Is Not About Typos But Overall Quality


    • CSV Files Added To List Of File Types Indexable By Google


    • Reminder: Stop Emailing Google With Your Undetectable Links You Buy & Sell


    • Google Ranking Updates – Off The Record


    • Google On How To Block Parts Of Content On A Page


    • Google: If You’re Using AI To Write Your Content, It’s Going To Be Rehashed From Other Sites


    • Google Explains How 304 (Not Modified) HTTP Status Codes Can Go Very Wrong


    • New Google Merchant Center 3D Model Link [virtual_model_link] Attribute


    • Google: Your Domain Will Never Make Or Break Your SEO


    • Google: Word Location In URLs Does Not Matter For SEO


    • Does Google Use The Meta Keywords Tag For Rankings? No


    • Google: Internal Links Pointing To Itself Don’t Add More Information Than Other Links


Google Business Profiles & Local:

    • Is Google Removing Reviews From Local Business Listings?


    • Google Local Pack Map Auto Expand Is Now Live


    • Add Social Media Links To Your Google Business Profiles


    • New Google Business Profiles Pets Attribute (Are Dogs Allowed)


    • New Google Business Profiles Video Verification Troubleshooting & FAQs


    • New Google Maps User-Generated Content Appeals Form


Google User Interface:

    • Google Images Now Shows Site Name, Favicon & Page Title


    • Google Search Snippet “Mentioned In” Carousel Feature


    • Google Tests Colored +Topics Search Bar Refinements


    • Google Search Testing New Icons For About This Result Snippet


    • Google Tests Wider Larger Image Thumbnails In Search Result Snippets


    • Google Search Tests Star Store Badge


    • Google Tests Google Shopping Label On Search Result Snippets


  • Bunch Of Google Search Interface Tests & Experiments

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