After the infamous Note 7 release, Samsung licked its wounds a little bit and then moved on with the Note 8 edition that sold more than 10 million units and resurrected Samsung’s S Pen stylus street cred.

The following Notes, and especially the Galaxy Note 20 series, sold less and less units, sending indications to Samsung that there might be no point in maintaining a separate line just for the stylus capabilities themselves.
Fast forward to 2022 and Samsung’s merger of the Note line with the Galaxy S flagships is complete, culminating in the Galaxy S22 Ultra that has a built-in S Pen stylus silo and all the phone bells and whistles Samsung could muster at the time, including a 10x periscope zoom camera.
The stellar Galaxy S22 Ultra sales numbers come despite its hefty $1199.99 starting price that is one of the highest among flagship phones, save for Samsung’s own bendy handsets in the Fold line. 

The MSRP is not set in stone, though, as Samsung very often has great sales on its top-end phones like the one that is going on right now that will give you up to $1000 off the S22 Ultra, even for phones with a cracked screen, and on top of that adds $100 of Samsung credit, sending the 512GB version price down to $299.99.

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