Reddit Shares New Insights into How Consumers Conduct Product Research in the App [Infographic]

Amid the ongoing influx of brand and influencer promotions, Reddit has become an increasingly valuable source of tips, notes, and insights from real people, with a growing number of consumers now searching through Reddit for product tips.

Indeed, more and more people are now adding ‘Reddit’ to the end of their Google Search queries, in order to inject more human insight into their results, as opposed to the web pages that best align with Google’s systems. And with more and more AI-generated content coming online, this could become an even bigger trend – which is why Reddit could be a platform to watch.

That is, if it’s able to navigate its current moderator issues, as a result of its API pricing increase. But even that’s come about as a result of the increasing value of Reddit data, with generative AI tools using Reddit insights to fuel their conversational models.

You can see why, then, Reddit wants to maximize the value of that data, and this new research report from Reddit underlines this element.

Reddit’s latest overview looks at how people are using the platform to get product information, which includes a range of usage stats that could change your perspective on its value, and the potential of Reddit for promotion.

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