Reddit Announces Removal of ‘Reddit Gold’ In-App Awards System

Confusing times over at Reddit, as the platform continues to clash with its user community – which, in Reddit’s case, is also largely its moderation team, its content management engine, etc.

The use of volunteer mods for each subreddit essentially meshes the user/host dynamic, which in Reddit’s case, has often meant that the platform has had to bow to users more than it would like.

It’s now looking to address this imbalance.

As some subreddit mods continue their strike action in response to Reddit upping the price of its API access (putting popular third-party apps out of the market), Reddit’s now also announced that it’s ending its popular Reddit Gold offering, which provides a way for users to acknowledge each other with a form of in-app currency.

Reddit Gold, part of its Reddit Premium subscription program (subscribers get 700 Reddit coins per month), provides a means for users to award their favorite creators in the app. You can’t exchange these awards for money, or use them for anything other than acknowledgment. But even so, they’ve become an important element within the Reddit ecosystem.

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Published: 2023-07-14 19:42:29 ,

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