PLEASE do NOT Copy Your Class

You will make a hot mess of your Google Drive if you copy your Google Classroom classes. As you start up the new school year please do NOT copy your entire class. Here are 3 alternatives to copying your entire Google Classroom Class:

Copy Your Class in Google Classroom

When on the home page of Google Classroom you have a tile for each of your classes. Clicking on the 3 dots icon has the option to “Copy” a class. DO NOT COPY. This makes a mess of your Google Drive.

Paradigm Shift – Files in Google Classroom

Unlike other LMS’s your files in Google Classroom are NOT in Google Classroom. They are in Google Drive.

In other products making a copy of a Word document isn’t a problem because the original and the copy are stored in the LMS. Probably you can not make edits to those files because they are “attached” to the assignment. However, Google Classroom is different.

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