Pinterest Adds Mobile Deep Linking to Drive More Purchase Activity

Pinterest is adding another way for brands to drive traffic from the app, with deep linking from Pins that will direct users back to a specific page in the respective retailers’ mobile app.

That’ll make it easier to capitalize on the attention of Pinners who come to the platform in a shopping mindset, by directing them along the path to making a purchase.

As explained by Pinterest:

“For retailers, mobile deep links will instantly direct Pinterest users to a specific page in their mobile app, making it easier to shop for products after clicking on a shopping ad they discovered on the platform. Eliminating extra steps and clicks can ultimately have an incremental impact on a retailer’s shopping campaign.”

Pinterest’s deep links will be available for shopping ads, with click-throughs automatically opening the product listing in the retailer’s app on the users’ device, if they have it installed.

“If the user doesn’t have the retailer’s app installed, they are taken to the mobile web page instead – all within the Pinterest app. The seamless user journey offered by mobile deep links shortens the path to purchase by removing additional steps, leading to higher conversions for advertisers and retailers.”

It’s a potentially valuable addition, providing more direct traffic benefits from Pinterest, which can help facilitate conversion in your own app.

Of course, Pinterest also has its own Product Pins, and other shopping options, which are designed to maximize buying activity in the app. But they also connect users back through to the retailers’ website – which could make deeplinking a more valuable, viable pathway to driving customer traffic.

It’s worth considering either way – you can learn more about Pinterest’s new deeplinking options here.

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