New Generative AI App Creates Poetry from Images

We’ve all been inundated with reports on the power of generative AI recently. Text-to-image generators like Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, and GPT4 are adept at creating vibrant images from user-provided prompts. Now, however, the tables have turned.

Pamera — The Poem Camera — is an image-to-text generator. Or, more specifically, an image-to-poetry generator. Powered by ChatGPT‑4 and an object identifier AI, Pamera creates personalized poems based on real-time images provided by users. Simply snap a picture within the app, and, within seconds, you’ll have a thoughtful, relevant, and often bizarre poem to accompany your photo.

Pamera is the brainchild of Damjanski, a technologist and artist based in New York. He programmed the app’s poetry to mirror the style of Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentine writer, essayist, and poet. Borges’ trademark magical realist style is ideal for this sort of thing. It’s the perfect way to inject a touch of fantasy into everyday, mundane imagery.

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