Musk Continues to Skirt Controversy as Twitter Works to Reassure Regulatory Groups and Ad Partners

New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is certainly getting the full Elon Musk experience in her first weeks at the app, as the company works to meet evolving regional enforcement demands, while Musk himself continues to skirt controversy via his own tweets.

This week, both Yaccarino and Musk are meeting with EU Privacy Commissioner Thierry Breton, along with EU Commission assessors, to discuss how Twitter is placed in regard to meeting its commitments to the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA).

Twitter withdrew from the EU’s voluntary Code of Practice on online disinformation, last month, which is part of the DSA – though at the time, Musk noted that Twitter remained committed to the EU code, including its new requirements on policing disinformation, even though it had opted out of this voluntary element.

Musk’s long-held stance is that Twitter will obey the laws of each region, but will not go beyond the law for any reason. As such, the voluntary code could be viewed as going further than what’s necessary – though Musk has also met with EU leaders, and Breton himself, several times to reiterate his desire to work with them to ensure Twitter’s compliance as required.

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