Microsoft Replaces its Default Font after 16 Years of Calibri

Microsoft is making the bold decision to replace its iconic Calibri default font with Aptos, a sans serif typeface based on 20th-century Swiss typography. This change may come as no surprise to those familiar with Microsoft’s hunt for a new font style in recent years. But for anyone who has grown accustomed to Microsoft’s trademark typeface, the decision to switch to Aptos might be an unexpected shock.

Remember Times, New Roman?

Of course, Microsoft is no stranger to a change in style. Calibri was only introduced as Microsoft’s official font in 2007, replacing the contentious Times New Roman type in Word and the standard Arial font in Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. Designed by world-leading type designer Steve Matteson, the Aptos font (originally known as Bierstadt) is making its debut after years of rigorous testing and feedback. The change comes alongside Microsoft’s intention to make their software more inclusive, with additional themes, colors, and backgrounds to allow for further creativity.

Does Aptos do anything differently?

Now for the question on every designer’s mind. How does the new font look? The typeface is simplistic, and the lines are clear-cut, as we’ve come to expect from a sans-serif font. That said, Matteson has endeavored to give the font a ​slight humanist touch” by adding softer edges. Understandably, though, the font is still very mechanical, with a focus on readability over creativity.

Summing it up

Overall, the Aptos font is serviceable but nothing groundbreaking. Sadly, fans of decorative script fonts may have to wait a little longer before silky-smooth cursives find their way into Microsoft’s collection of default typefaces.

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