The Nintendo Switch has managed to hang on as one of the most popular gaming devices available today. Its ability to provide a quality console gaming experience on the go is unparalleled, and you can fit quite a few games on its internal storage. However, what if you want to download more games and are all out of space? If that’s the case, you may want to buy a large microSD card to increase your storage. Let’s go over how to put an SD card into your Nintendo Switch.

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Remove your Nintendo Switch from the dock and power the device off. On the backside, open the Nintendo Switch stand. Underneath, you will find the microSD card slot. Insert your microSD card into the slot and you will hear a click.

How to insert a microSD card into a Nintendo Switch

With your Nintendo Switch out of the dock, in handheld mode, push the power button and hold it down for five seconds.

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Press A on Power Options.

select power options

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select turn off from power options

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Flip your device around to the backside. The microSD card slot is located behind the built-in stand.

where is the microsd card slot

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Gently open the stand on the back of the Nintendo Switch to reveal the microSD card slot.

microsd card slot

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Insert your microSD card into the empty slot. Push it in gently until you hear the click and feel a bit of resistance.

insertion of the card

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How to check the storage on your Nintendo Switch

From the home screen, press A on the gear-shaped Settings button.

go to settings

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Within Settings, scroll down to Data Management. Your remaining storage on your microSD card will appear on the right.

data management tab

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The Nintendo Switch console can handle up to 2 TB of extra storage from a microSD card.

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