Meta Expands Reels Ad Options, Adds Simplified Music Tool for Reels Promotions

Meta’s announced some new Reels ad options to help more businesses tap into the popularity of the format, while it’s also testing new third-party verification elements to reassure brand partners.

First off, Meta’s expanding its Reels advertising options, with more brands now able to access the option.

Meta first launched ads on Reels last year, and it’s gradually expanding the program to more creators and ad formats, providing more ways for marketers to tap into the rising popularity of Reels.

And Reels certainly have become a much bigger focus for Facebook and Instagram users. According to Meta, people now spend more than half of their time on Facebook and Instagram watching videos, while people are also re-sharing Reels more than 2 billion times every day, doubling over the last six months.

Meta’s re-alignment of its algorithm around AI-based content recommendations has essentially made short-form video the main focus, as a means to keep users engaged in its apps – which has also seen posts with links get far less exposure.

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