Many of us have things in mind we wished we’d own but just don’t have the funds to buy right now. By keeping track of those items in a list, Amazon will notify you when they go on sale or have been re-stocked, so you can decide to buy them or share them with someone to suggest a birthday gift. Here’s how to make and share your Amazon wish list.

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To make an Amazon wish list, select Create a wish list from your account page. Select Add to wish list from the product page to add items to your wish list. To share a wish list with others, select Invite from your wish list.


How to make an Amazon wish list

Making a wishlist on amazon is easy. From the website, click Account & Lists in the top right corner and then click Create Wishlist.

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Give your wish list a name and click Create List.

list name

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On the mobile app, tap your Account from the bottom and select Your Wish List.

your wish list mobile

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Tap Create a Wish List from the top right corner. Here is where you can view your personal lists once created and any lists shared with you from friends.

create wish list mobile

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How to add items to your Amazon wish list

Now that you’ve created a wish list, it’s time to add some items. Search for something you want on Amazon to find its product page. Then, click Add to wish list from the left-hand side. You can use the drop-down arrow to select which list to add it to or create a new list.

add to wishlist

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The option will be a little more visible on mobile, directly underneath the Add to Cart and Buy now buttons.

add to wish list mobile

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You can add as many items as you like to your wish list. If the list is getting a bit long, you can search for items within the list vis the small search bar. To remove something, go to your lists and click Remove beside the item.

remove wish list

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You can also select Move to move the time to a different list if you saved it to the wrong wish list.

How to share your Amazon wish list

Once your wish list is complete, it’s time to send it to Santa Clause — or whoever is kind enough to fulfill your wishes.

From your lists, select Invite or Send list to others. Both options will bring you to the same pop-up window.


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You then have two invite options to share your list: they can either only view your list or be able to view and edit your list. Select which option you are comfortable with, and then you can share your list via a link or email.

invite list

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On mobile, you’ll find the Invite option at the top of your wish list.

invite mobile

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If you decide to share your list with others, you will be able to see who can view the list and who has edited your list.

No, If someone buys a gift for you from your wish list, Amazon will only show them your name and the city where you live.

You can see any wish lists shared with you from the Your Friends tab beside Your Lists. To request access to a wish list, select Send a message from the same section.

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