LinkedIn Tests New AI Powered ‘LinkedIn Coach’ to Guide Your App Usage

Seriously, LinkedIn needs to calm down with all the AI integrations.

Fresh from adding AI assistants that can write your profile, improve your job ads, and even create trending feed posts on your behalf, LinkedIn is now also testing a new, centralized AI tool, that seems to incorporate all of this and more.

The new application is called ‘LinkedIn Coach’, which is designed to guide users through the various profile-building and usage options in the app.

As you can see in this example, shared by app researcher Nima Owji, LinkedIn Coach will help you:

“Apply for jobs, learn new skills, and find more ways to connect with your network – all backed by the power of AI.”

It essentially looks like an AI helper bot for LinkedIn specifically, though you can seemingly also ask it helpful, cool questions like: ‘What’s the culture of Microsoft?’ To which it will no doubt give an objective and totally non-corporate response.

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Published: 2023-07-27 23:11:53 ,

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