LinkedIn Tests Microsoft Designer Integration to Enable Generative AI Image Creation In-Stream

This could be handy. LinkedIn is testing a new integration with Microsoft Designer, which would provide advanced image creation and visual editing tools direct in-stream in the app.

As you can see in this example, shared by Mavrck’s Lindsey Gamble, the new Designer integration would provide generative AI tools within your post-creation flow in the app, enabling you to create visual elements based on text-prompts, while you’d also be able to use templates, create GIFs, generate videos, all without having to leave the app.

LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft launched Designer last year, which is focused on providing high-quality visuals based on text prompts.

As you can see in this example, the generative AI tool is primarily aimed at building visual content for social posts, which makes it a perfect complement to LinkedIn, and having it built into your LinkedIn process could be a big update for your process.

LinkedIn’s currently testing the integration with selected users. If you have it, you’ll see this new icon at the bottom of your composer window.

Tap on that and you’ll be taken into the Designer experience, so you can try out your various new visual options.

It could be a big addition. We’ll keep you updated on any news on an expanded rollout.

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