When you think of car sales, and where you might go looking for info on the latest automotive deals, LinkedIn is probably not the first platform that springs to mind.

But according to a new study by Nielsen, commissioned by LinkedIn, automotive brands on LinkedIn are seeing good success, with auto brands likely to ‘improve both brand awareness and dollar sales by shifting more of their media mix to LinkedIn’.

Based on analysis of two years of LinkedIn ad data, across a range of auto brands, Nielsen found that

  • LinkedIn is 3X more effective at driving auto dollar sales than linear TV and other major social platforms, and 2X more effective at doing so compared to online video
  • LinkedIn is 2X times more effective at driving brand awareness than traditional TV, display, and other major social platforms
  • LinkedIn advertising is 4X more efficient at driving dollar sales than traditional media channels

It seems a little weird, but then again, auto buyers are more likely to be professionals, and those more active on LinkedIn are probably more likely to be concerned about outside perceptions, and building their presence.

Your car arguably plays a part in this, which could make it a valuable consideration for auto brands.

Check out LinkedIn’s data overview below – while you can read more about LinkedIn ads for auto brands here.

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