Leveraging ChatGPT to Support Students

My husband and I have been invited to provide a presentation to assist university tutors working with migrant students, focusing on the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our aim is to not only explore ways to support students via AI but also guide them on how to properly use generative AI without inadvertently committing plagiarism. Here are some of the tips that we will share that might be helpful for you to use with your students on leveraging ChatGPT to support students.

ChatGPT and Google Bard

Every day new AI tools pop up. ChatGPT and its Google equivalent Bard, get the most attention. Before assuming that students know what these tools are be proactive to demonstrate them to students.

Asking a ChatBot to complete the assignment prompt is cheating.

Engage your students in a dialogue on why instructing ChatGPT to “compose an essay on the causes of the American Revolution” could be considered as academic dishonesty. The perspective shifts when we compare this to a business scenario where an executive needs to be informed about a subject they’re unfamiliar with. In such a case, the aim is for the final product to educate the recipient. However, within a classroom setting, the teacher is already knowledgeable about the topic. The purpose of the assignment isn’t for the student to enlighten the teacher, but rather for the teacher to gauge the student’s understanding of the subject matter.

Compare and Contrast

Have students compare and contrast their writing with that of ChatGPT. What do they notice about how ChatGPT responds and their own response?

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