AirTags are small trackers to help you locate any lost or stolen belongings. However, concerns of people using AirTag for nefarious purposes has led Apple to come up with a notification alert. This alert is to discourage people from tracking you without your consent. Using Apple’s Find My network, you can detect and locate nearby unknown AirTags using your iPhone.

Unknown AirTag alerts come after the accessory has been separated from its owner and is seen moving with you over time. In order to receive unknown AirTag alerts, you need to turn Location Services and Bluetooth on in Settings. To do so, go to:

  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services on
  • Settings > Bluetooth or tap the Bluetooth button in the Control Panel

Tracking notifications will also need to be on in Notifications.

  • Settings > Notifications > Tracking Notifications

If you receive a notification that says “AirTag Found Moving With You,” tap the alert, then continue. Within Find My, a map with red dashes will pop up, showing approximately where the unknown AirTag has been detected with you.

You can tap “Play Sound” where you’ll hear a noise to help you locate the device. If you know the owner of the AirTag, you can hit “Pause Safety Alerts.”

However, if the AirTag is unknown, you can learn more and disable it so the device can no longer track you – there will be onscreen instructions to follow to help you disable the tracker. You can also see if the owner of the AirTag has been tracking your location.

Android users can receive unknown AirTag alerts, too

Additionally, those with Android devices can download the Tracker Detect app to receive unknown AirTag alerts. The app looks for Find My compatible trackers within Bluetooth range that are not with their owners. If you believe someone is tracking you, use your phone to scan to try and find it. If the app detects an unknown AirTag near you for at least 10 minutes, you can play a sound to help you find it.

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