Instagram Rolls Out Improved DM Control Options to Help Users Avoid Unwanted Contact

Instagram’s expanding access to its new DM control options, which are designed to help users avoid unwanted contact, particularly in the form of images and videos that they don’t want to receive.

As shown in these screenshots, the new restrictions, which Instagram first began testing back in June, will mean that DMs from users that you’re not connected within the app will now be limited to text-only invites, which the recipient will have to accept before you can make any further contact. Users will only be able to send a single invite to each user.

That’ll help users avoid bots and spammers who submit sometimes offensive images and videos in DM requests, in a bid to get more attention in-stream.

In particular, Instagram says that these updates will benefit female users, who are often sent unsolicited nudes.

As per Instagram:

We want people to feel confident and in control when they open their inbox. That’s why we’re testing new features that mean people can’t receive images, videos, or multiple messages from someone they don’t follow until they’ve accepted the request to chat. We’re grateful for the feedback we hear from our community, and we’ll keep listening to find ways to help everyone feel safer on Instagram.”

As noted, the update was originally announced back in June, along with various other security and safety improvements across Facebook and Instagram, which are designed to help improve its broader messaging experience. With more interactions switching to DMs, especially among younger users, Meta’s keen to maximize safety controls, in order to help youngsters avoid unwanted attention, and solicitation, in the app.

The broader release of these new options will help to limit unwanted contact and could go a long way in helping users avoid IG creeps.

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