Instagram Chief Says EU Access to Threads Could Take Months, User Retention ‘Better Than Expected

Bad news for EU residents who are keen to try out Meta’s new Twitter-like Threads app, with Instagram chief Adam Mosseri saying that it’ll likely be ‘many months’ before the app is available in the region.

Threads have been made available virtually everywhere but in Europe, due to the expanding requirements of the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA), which is designed to protect user privacy, and provide control over data usage, while also mitigating monopoly-type behavior by the tech giants.

The DMA specifically takes aim at large corporations that have outsized control over how users access apps and other connective processes. A key aim of the act is to stop Google and Apple from misusing their market power to prioritize their own products (which, incidentally, Meta is trying to use to establish its own app store in the region), but in this context, that also applies to Meta, as Threads is essentially a derivative of Instagram.

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Published: 2023-07-17 20:55:54 ,

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