I Dreamed of a Book – An AI Collaboration

We probably have all been there, while taking a nap you have a great idea for a book! I happened to be staying with my friend and colleague Dr. Manju Joseph and told her about my dream. I thought it would be easy to do make this book in Book Creator!! Together we constructed a prompt in ChatGPT and used Canva AI Text to Image to create images for the book.

Back to School Hub for Book Creator

Do you have an idea for a book you want to share with your class? Reading with your class is a great way to build culture, no matter the age of the students. It took me hardly any time from idea to completion to make a book in Book Creator. Use the Back to School Hub for getting started resources and templates.

Collaborating with AI

Using Generative AI is my sidekick. The key to creating content that is “me” is to create a really good prompt. When using ChatGPT or Google Bard you want to load up the prompt with as much information as you know so there is less for the AI to fill in the gaps on. My colleague Dr. Manju Joseph, a professor at Fresno Pacific University, helped me to craft the elements in the prompt that we wanted to include.

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