How Much Top Celebrities Can Earn Per Sponsored Post on Instagram

Want to know how much the most popular celebrities on Instagram can earn per sponsored post in that app?

Really, you probably don’t. You probably don’t need to know that Kylie Jenner could essentially buy everything you own as a result of a single IG update. But for those who are interested, the team from Hopper HQ has published their annual listing of the top earners on IG, which is based on follower and engagement stats, and average payment amounts.

So it’s not 100% accurate. This is not a direct price list from the PR managers of each of these celebrities. But it will give you some idea of how much brands would likely pay for this type of endorsement, while also underlining how exactly the rich get richer online.

It’s an interesting context either way, especially for marketers. How much would you pay for an endorsement from Cristiano Ronaldo, and how much would that be worth for your business?

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