Honor began the global rollout of the Magic4 Pro smartphone last month, and the flagship is joined for the trip by the Watch GS 3 and Earbuds 3 Pro. We already reviewed the phone, and now it is time to see how good the two wearables are.

We got an Honor Watch GS 3 in Classic Gold color that has a Gold-colored body and Brown leather strap, while the Earbuds 3 Pro are in White.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

Honor Watch GS 3 • Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

Honor Watch GS 3

The watch was initially unveiled in China back in January, and it took Honor one month to unveil it internationally. After three more months, we can finally purchase one for €230/£210. We love the 3D curved glass from all angles and the build quality seems solid.

Sadly, it does not support wireless charging, and you have to rely on a proprietary charger with two pogo pins, provided in the retail box.

Honor Watch GS 3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro in for review

At 44g the watch feels much lighter than expected on the wrist. There are two buttons on the right side with no rotation or other extra controls, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it simplifies the usage. The curved screen means the finger glides freely on the touch screen as well.

Obviously the smartwatch draws a bunch of its R&D from back when Honor was a part of Huawei subsidiary, so you’ll definitely find many similarities between the Watch GS 3 and the Huawei Watch lineup. And that’s actually a good thing since Huawei has produced some of the best wearables around over the past few years.

Honor Watch GS 3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro in for review

The Watch GS 3 also has plenty of Honor’s ideas however and will be the first test for the now independent company’s ideas in the western markets.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

We already reviewed the Earbuds Choice X, but the Earbuds 3 Pro aim much higher.

The design of the earbuds is heavily inspired by Apple, but here we have shorter stems that support gestures for easy control.

Honor Watch GS 3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro in for review

One feature that got us intrigued was the AI temperature monitoring. It is supposed to measure the body temperature with an impressive 0.3°C margin of error. However, despite the Earbuds 3 Pro being currently available for purchase in five European countries, the feature is still seemingly unavailable on the Old Continent.

We do hope Honor will manage to enable it with a firmware update, but we wouldn’t factor that in in any purchasing decisions.

Honor Watch GS 3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro in for review

There are four modes of noise cancellation – Ultra, Cozy, General, and a fourth one called “AI Cancellation”, that tries and adjust its strength depending on your surroundings. A dedicated VPU (Voice Pick Up) sensor enhances your voice when in calls, reduces the ambient noise, and also helps remove wind.

Honor Watch GS 3 and Honor Earbuds 3 Pro in for review

The case comes with a 410mAh battery, and each bud packs a 42mAh unit. The total weight is just 50 grams, with each bud contributing 5.1g. They feel great in the ear, which is key with buds that have rubber tips. We are now about to test what they sound like and report back.

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