Google really seems to think a lot of people are switching from iPhones to Android phones, and thus it’s updated its Switch to Android iOS app. It now supports all Android 12 devices, whereas previously it only worked with Pixels.

While Google’s perception of how many people switch from iOS to Android might be optimistic to put it nicely, it sure is useful to have such a handy switching tool.

You can connect your new Android 12 phone to your iPhone either with your iPhone’s cable, or wirelessly. All you need to do to get started is download the Switch to Android app on your iPhone, and follow its easy setup instructions.

You can move contacts, photos and videos (including those stored on iCloud – if you request a copy of your data from Apple), SMS, MMS, and iMessage texts and media, WhatsApp message history and media, apps that also exist on Android and were free on the App Store, custom photos used as wallpapers, call logs, alarms, device settings, and any DRM-free, non-iTunes music you might have.


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