Google’s Bard Raises the Stakes with Exciting New Update

Amidst the battle for AI chatbot supremacy, the team behind Google’s Bard has released a new update detailing some monumental changes. Top of the list is Bard’s long-anticipated entry into Europe. With the AI language model now supporting 40 languages — including Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish — Bard seems set to capture the market and rival ChatGPT during the remainder of 2023.

Bard offers something different for web designers

In addition to the new languages available, users can also adjust the tone of responses with five different options: short, long, casual, professional, and simple. It’s also considerably easier to pin, rename and categorize conversations. Even more exciting is Bard’s new functionality allowing coders to export Python code created in Bard directly to Replit — great news for web designers searching for their next productivity hack.

Bard is changing the game

Overall, Bard is becoming more accessible, more navigable, and easier to use — and we’re here for it. Given ChatGPT’s recent decline in traffic, and several lawsuits accusing the industry-leading chatbot of data theft, perhaps Google’s Bard is set to claim the AI throne as we enter the latter months of the year.

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