Based on Google’s usual release schedule, the Pixel 7 Pro is still quite a ways off, expected to be introduced around October. That however hasn’t prevented the leaks about it to start pouring in – we’ve already seen it in leaked CAD-based renders back in February, and today the looks portrayed in those images are pretty much confirmed by a set of newly outed renders showing the phone in a case.

Generally these “phone in a case” renders originate at the various case makers, which are given the exact dimensions of upcoming devices in advance, along with some important details for the manufacture of a case – like the positions of buttons and camera islands, that sort of thing.

Google Pixel 7 Pro leaked case renders confirm the camera visor is here to stay

So what we can glean from these new images is that, as the CAD-based renders made clear previously, the camera visor on the back is here to stay. It wasn’t just a one-off for the Pixel 6 family. Actually, the entire design of the Pixel 7 Pro seems eerily reminiscent of its predecessor, down to the curved screen and triple rear camera system and placement of the LED flash.

Google Pixel 7 Pro leaked case renders confirm the camera visor is here to stay

Despite a front camera not being part of these renders, rumor has it there will be a centered hole-punch affair on the Pixel 7 Pro, just like on the Pixel 6 Pro. According to past rumors, the Pixel 7 Pro will sport a 6.7-inch QHD+ AMOLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate and embedded fingerprint sensor. A second-generation Google Tensor chipset is likely to power the device.


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