Google is once again changing the looks of the Google Photos app by adding a new pop-up UI that allows users to share photos and videos directly from the app’s library. This appears to be a limited server-side rollout as some devices are getting the feature and others aren’t. The new UI is surfacing on version 5.96 of the Google Photos app.

To help those with big phones (the Google Pixel 6 Pro comes to mind) and short stubby fingers, user options such as “Share,” “Add to,” and “Delete”are moved to the bottom of the screen. Other options will allow a user to order prints from the screen, move content to archive, or move pictures and video to the Locked Folder. The latter is a folder where you can hide certain photos and videos by using a fingerprint or PIN number to lock them away.

With the new UI, Google Photos users have more options that they can employ to share videos and photographs without having to dig down to the actual image being shared. A video or picture can be added to an album via a shortcut and the location of the subject matter can be viewed.

Google previously redesigned the “Library” tab in April, and the “Sharing” tab before that. Now it is testing this UI change for the “Photos” tab. If it is a server-side rollout like we think, you might not see the update hit your phone for some time.

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