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I have done some updating to my Add-on Doc to Slides. Mostly cosmetic, I have made the sidebar look prettier. However, I also now have added a button to the sidebar to link to the Google Slides that are created. This is extra helpful if you do not have pop-ups enabled in your browser. This Add-on collects NO USER DATA! It takes your paragraphs from Google Docs and turns them into a Google Slides presentation.

Doc to Slides by Alice Keeler

I am a teacher, I made this for teachers. Use it to take your outline quickly to Google Slides or help students to communicate their ideas through a multi-media platform (Google Slides). This collects NO USER DATA. NO PII. Is FERPA and COPPA compliant. Simply install the Add-on to Google Docs. You can use the button below or when searching Add-ons simply type in Alice Keeler and all my Add-ons will come up.

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