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Look, we get it: you love the web, get excited about web technologies, and have tons of design ideas you want to try out. But the thing is, all that stuff is a distraction from what really matters online: your ideas.

It’s not like you’re short of options for blogging platforms. It’s just that everything involves hundreds of decisions, from the template you choose to the structure of your directories.

If you’re reading this, then we’re willing to bet you’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog. Maybe you’ve even given it a go. But if you have, we’re also willing to bet you spent 90% of the time tinkering with the design and the other 10% searching for a domain name — time spent actually writing: zip.

If that’s you, then rest assured it’s not your fault. The web is an incredible time-sink — much of it is specifically designed to distract you. It’s horrifyingly easy to get side-tracked by the possibilities of web technology and forget why you wanted to start a blog in the first place: because you had something to say.

This is why we’re excited about Bear Blog. It’s a privacy-respecting, javascript-omitting, tracking-avoiding powerhouse of a micro-blogging platform that’s super-fast to get started on. As Medium showed before, it got all Medium‑y, readers want a good idea delivered by a fast site that doesn’t throw adverts, interstitials, and warnings in their faces. Bear Blog ticks all those boxes.

Where Bear Blog has been designed with three core principles in mind:

  1. Speed matters — with so little baggage built in, Bear Blog outperforms almost all blogging platforms.
  2. Interoperability is central to the web — Bear Blog works on any device across any internet connection speed, which is an incredible leveler.
  3. Content should be future-proof — Bear Blog is built to last forever, meaning you can safely invest your time using it as a tool, knowing it won’t be obsolete in five years — we wish every app could say that.

But the best thing about Bear Blog is what it does for writers. When you’re freed from the tyranny of templates, plugins, and stylesheets, you’ll find that not only are you a more productive writer than you thought, but also a better writer than you thought.

We all have thoughts in our heads worth sharing. Bear Blog can help you publish them in less time than it took to read this post. All you have to do is sign-up and start writing.

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