Free Vaping Course: 30 Minutes

What is great about using free EVERFI K12 courses is they can be integrated into any curriculum. The courses are stand-alone and turnkey. Meaning, you can assign them to your students without you having to develop supplemental materials or do additional research.

Total Course Time: 30 minutes

When using an EVERFI K12 course student progress is saved. They can work on a lesson for “3 minutes” after they finish their class work. This allows you to easily incorporate real-world skills into your class without sacrificing instructional time.

EVERFI K12 Free Courses

The EVERFI K12 courses are designed with the busy educator in mind. They are comprehensive, covering all the necessary material in an engaging, student-friendly format. The lessons are ready-to-go and require no additional preparation, allowing teachers to assign them as homework, supplementary activities, or even as part of the main curriculum.

These courses are standardized and consistent, so you can trust that your students are receiving accurate, relevant, and high-quality information, regardless of where they are or when they’re completing the course. This consistency is a great advantage when dealing with important topics like vaping, where misinformation can be just as dangerous as a lack of information.

The interactive, digital format of EVERFI K12 courses is a hit with students. It aligns with their digital skills and keeps them engaged in a way traditional lectures may not. This leads to better comprehension and retention of the information, which is crucial when dealing with impactful topics such as the dangers of vaping.

By using free EVERFI K12 courses, not only can you enrich your teaching resources, but also effectively educate your students on important subjects, all without having to put in extra time or effort to create and manage the content. It’s a win-win for both educators and students.

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