Elon Says that Dark Mode Will Soon be the Only Display Option for X

Elon Musk is certainly taking the new X transformation seriously, with the billionaire owner announcing that, soon, the platform formerly known as Twitter will only be viewable in dark mode, in line with its new black color scheme.

As noted by Musk, dark mode, in his opinion at least, is ‘better in every way’, while it also further aligns with the Batman-like color palette of the re-branded app, which is gradually being evolved into the new entity.

Though that may not please everyone. As noted by X News Daily, some people, including those with dyslexia or astigmatism, can have difficulty reading white text on black background, and there are various other user groups that would have similar preferences. As such, it seems like an unnecessary step for the platform to shift to only dark mode purely for the aesthetic desires of its chief.

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Published: 2023-07-27 21:03:38 ,

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