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  • Billionaire Elon Musk will buy Twitter for $44 billion.
  • Twitter’s board approved the sale today.
  • It is unclear how this will affect Twitter in the short- and long-term.

After a rollercoaster ride of offers, rejections, and re-offers, it’s official: Elon Musk will buy Twitter (via CNBC).

Twitter’s board today approved the sale of the social networking platform to Musk, who is by some metrics the world’s richest man. Musk will pay $44 billion for the platform, which is significantly more than the site’s current market value.

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Musk originally made an official offer to buy Twitter earlier this month after he surprisingly became a shareholder with the highest stake in the company. However, the board rejected the offer by using a “poison pill” tactic, which effectively prevented Musk from gaining more than 15% of the company.

Earlier this week, however, Musk presented a financing package. This package essentially showed the board that he had the money to buy Twitter in his pocket, so to speak, which caused the board to look at the offer again. This time, the board capitulated.

Musk has said numerous times that Twitter needs to go private in order to be more successful. He has also said that Twitter needs to become a platform for unrestricted free speech with less reliance on user-banning tactics to moderate it. However, Musk has not laid out any concrete plans for how Twitter could change once he takes it over.

Elon Musk buying Twitter is essentially an admission by Twitter’s board that its new CEO, Parag Agrawal, has not steered the company in the right direction since the departure of former CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey. Musk’s offer, for example, is not as high as Twitter’s market value in November last year.

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