Elon Musk Says the Twitter Brand Will be Retired, Renamed ‘X’, Very Soon

If it wasn’t already significantly altered from its previous state, Twitter as you know is about to be no more.

According to Twitter owner Elon Musk, he’s officially changing the name of the app from ‘Twitter’ to ‘X’, as part of his broader vision for an ‘everything app’ which will eventually facilitate a much broader range of functions, and ideally make X a key interactive component in billions of users’ lives.

Musk has already previewed the interim X branding, which he chose from a range of user-submitted concepts.

Musk has also flagged changing the app’s default color from blue to black, while tweets themselves will no longer be called such. Musk says they’ll be called an ‘x’.

Why would a company burn years of brand equity, especially when there’s seemingly no need (i.e. no negative association to distance itself from)?

The X name has been part of Musk’s grand plan since the late 90s when he first started to make a name for himself in online payments. Musk had founded a payments company, which he envisioned would become ‘X.com’, a new platform that would facilitate not only instant, fee-free payments, but also loans, and other banking elements, all in one simplified, streamlined offering.

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