#EDUsky for Educators

Teaching is too hard to do alone! Having a solid community to support you is essential. It seems these days at Twitter is imploding and that we are all being scattered to the wind. Where do we gather together to share our resources and encourage each other around the topic of education? While there will never be one singular place, I am working on building an EDU community on Bluesky Social. Find the posts by educators using the hashtag #EDUsky.

What is Bluesky Social

🤖 I asked Google Bard to describe the social media platform. I fact-checked it:

Bluesky Social is a decentralized social media platform that is still under development. It was created by Bluesky, an independent public benefit company that was founded in 2021 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Bluesky’s goal is to create a social media platform that is more open, transparent, and democratic than existing platforms like Twitter.

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ENGRMKS & CO – #EDUsky #Educators

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