Could You Also Be Making Thousands of Dollars From Your Tweets?

Can you really make a living by simply tweeting your thoughts on the latest hot topics?

That’s why your trusted partners at Yaccarino and Musk are trying to suggest, with a range of high-profile Twitter users this week sharing their big payouts from the first round of Twitter’s ad revenue share program, which enables creators to profit from ads shown (to verified users) within their tweet replies.

Indeed, some tweeters have generated five, even six-figure sums from the program – but before you go quitting your day job to start crafting clever tweets, it’s worth noting that there are some fairly significant provisos in Twitter’s new incentive scheme.

First off, Twitter’s ad revenue share program is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers, so you have to pay $8 a month to be eligible in the first place. This is obviously not a significant barrier, especially when you’re going to be taking in thousands from your tweets, while you also need a Stripe account, at present, to facilitate payment.

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Published: 2023-07-17 01:51:39 ,

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