India banning crypto is technically, socially, and politically infeasible; instead, India should use its remittance-friendly regulations to legalize crypto (Balaji S. Srinivasan)
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FCC launches the Broadband Data Task Force to collect data and develop more precise maps of US broadband availability, which currently rely on ISP-provided data (Karl Bode/VICE)
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10 Best Free Stock Image Sites For 2021
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Google Meet, Classroom changes will add muting, end meeting functions for kids
Uber hires author and labor researcher Alex Rosenblat, who wrote a book criticizing Uber's treatment of workers, to help improve its relations with drivers (Brody Ford/Bloomberg)
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A look at the new 217 new emojis coming in iOS 14.5, including a syringe without blood, couples with a mix of skin tones, AirPod Max headphones, and more (Jeremy Burge/Emojipedia)
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