Twitter Super Follows and Clubhouse portend a shift from algorithmic, scale-focused, low-attention feeds to low-volume, high-attention relationships with users (Will Oremus/OneZero )
Carbonite Safe Basic Computer Backup
Backblaze Business Backup
Verizon support is now advising its users on Twitter to "turn on LTE", which would turn off 5G, to preserve battery life (Kim Lyons/The Verge)
Apple Debuts Repairability Index for Buyers in France
MyHeritage's 'Deep Nostalgia' tool brings old photos to life
The person behind "Your Fave Is Problematic" Tumblr blog, which listed regrettable actions by celebrities, says she looks back on her blog with shame and regret (Liat Kaplan/New York Times)
Popular Design News of the Week: February 22, 2021 – February 28, 2021
Nvidia's Resizable BAR Support Coming to Some RTX 30 Series GPUs
Social media platform usage stats
Android 11: Getting started with gesture navigation
How ACLU and activist Kade Crockford convinced Massachusetts lawmakers to pass a police reform bill banning the use of facial recognition tech in criminal cases (Kashmir Hill/New York Times)
Acer Swift 3X review: This lightweight laptop shows Intel's Xe Max magic
How to use Zoom's Video Filters to spice up your next Zoom call
Critics say the policies of Amazon, Google, and Facebook from the early days of the pandemic to restrict the sale of medical-grade masks are now outdated (Andrew Jacobs/New York Times)
Don’t worry, Spotify Free users: You can still cast to Google speakers
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