Amazon’s Prime Day is a couple of days away now and there are even some early Prime Day deals available already. The mid-Summer deals bonanza is a good time to stock up on tech products and all those tiny accessories that are — during any other time of the year — both “useful” but also “kind of expensive right now”. Since other major stores don’t want to let Amazon have the limelight, they also run their own events, parallel to Prime Day. So, it’s a collective day (or a couple of days) of hunting for the best deal and pressing that “Add to Cart” button.

To top it off, rumor has it that Amazon is planning a second Prime Day in Fall of this year. Can you believe it?

With a few days left, anyone craving an iPad should be holding strong right now. Apple products rarely get huge price drops during these sales events, but any discount on an iPad is a good discount, as you can put those money towards an Apple Pencil or a nice case or screen protector for that shiny new tablet.

iPad Pro and iPad Air Amazon Prime Day early deals

iPad Air (2022) Amazon Prime Day deals

The new iPad Air 5th gen is kind of an iPad Pro killer — it comes with a 10.9-inch screen and a design which is almost identical to the iPad Pro 11. It now has the same Apple M1 chip humming inside, and it also has stereo speakers — two instead of four, but still placed in landscape stereo. What the iPad Air does not have is a 120 Hz refresh rate. But, if you can live with that, you will enjoy a very solid tablet for a pretty solid price — especially around Prime Day when it should fall by $80-$100. So, pick your favorite color and get your clicking finger ready — we will be keeping a close eyes on the best deals as they become available.

iPad mini 6 (2021) Amazon Prime Day deals

The iPad mini 6 is strictly for those that are looking for a super-compact tablet (and yet, not a big smartphone). It starts at $499, but we expect it to drop by something to the tune of $50 during the Amazon Prime Day shopping events. If you are looking for bang-for-buck — you are better off with the base iPad. If you specifically want an iPad that’s the size of a Kindle — then yeah, the mini will do fine!

iPad (2021)

The base iPad has been offering great value in the $300 price segment for years now. Yeah, Apple stubbornly refuses to give it true stereo (its dual speakers are nestled together on one side), and that large bezel design is looking kind of dated. But that doesn’t change the fact that you have a pretty good LCD screen to work with and enough power to run iPadOS in all of its glory — all the features that the iPad Pro has, the base iPad has.

Obviously, there are a lot of corners cut — this is the only iPad in the lineup to use a Lightning port instead of USB Type-C. So, it does support an Apple Pencil, but the 1st gen one. Also, no Magic Keyboard for this one, but it does have the 3-dot connector for a Smart Keyboard (our recommendation — Smart Keyboards are bad and overpriced).

In any case, the $330 iPad always drops by $30 during shopping events. If we spot a deeper price cut, we are sure to post it here.

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